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Sex Hookups? Best Apps To Try In 2021

These days, there are so many hookup apps out there that it's difficult to know which ones to use.

Every dating app claims to be the ultimate in finding casual sex, all of them using the same marketing buzzwords and empty promises as each other. They look the same, sound the same, and usually yield the same results - not much.

Many hookup apps are barren wastelands with more bots than real members. Some hookup sites are created solely for advertising affiliate sites, and some are invented, abandoned and left to rot in the internet graveyard that is the app store.

But don't fret, because there are actually some very good sex hookup apps out there, you just need to know where to look. As always, we've done the hard work for you. Here's our guide to the best Sex Hookup apps available today. We guarantee that we'll get you laid in record time.


Tinder's still got it. For all the problems it has, it's still a great place to find an easy hookup.

Everyone knows the drill when it comes to Tinder. It's the app that invented the swipe-matchmaking system, which helped cement its legacy as the ultimate hookup app. The swipe approach is still incorporated today, being used by the majority of sex apps.

Swipe left if you want to hookup, right if you don't. If the other person does the same, then congratulations, you can initiate chat and get down to business.

What makes Tinder such a force in the hookup world is the sheer number of users on the app. The user base hovers around the 50 million mark, boasting people from every corner of the globe and of every sexual orientation. Statistically, with so many people using Tinder to find a booty call, it's a very high likelyhood that you'll find someone new eventually.

But since the app is so massive, people have begun to use Tinder for other reasons. Quite often, you'll find something on there completely unrelated to casual encounters, like advertisements for businesses and people trying to sell their homemade shit. It's one of the hazards that come with using such a notable platform, but even so, there's still a lot to love about Tinder.

Best of all, Tinder is totally free, so put that credit card back in your wallet. It's pretty likely that you'll find someone on Tinder who takes your fancy, so give it a go and enjoy all the fun you can have.


Make Dating Fun Again. That's what we all want, and that's what XO does.

In the modern age, meeting new people online can be a chore. You have to go through the same tired conversation without any guarantee that the other person is going to live up to your expectations in the flesh. Likewise, things can easily stagnate if the conversation comes to a halt, meaning any momentum you built up dies a death.

But XO has arrived to shake things up. The app introduces games, quizzes and all manner of fun activities for you and an anonymous partner to enjoy while you're chatting. It helps break the tension if there's a lull in conversation, and provides a great bonding experience outside of the same chit-chat you've had a million times before.

The way XO works is that it pairs you with a random person who matches your criteria (sexual preference, location, etc) and invites you to play a game with them. After a few rounds, you're free to start talking freely.

Sure, it's not the most fun you'll ever have in your life, but it adds a little sparkle to an otherwise routine task, which is way more appealing than swiping, scrolling and talking about your hobbies and pets for the fifth time that day.

XO keeps things casual too. It brands itself as a fun way to find easy sex, one night stands and more. Simply, this app rules. We love it.


As you've probably noticed, the most popular hookup sites have gimmicks that let them stand out from the competition. Bumble is no different.

Bumble is a little like the Snapchat of the dating site world. It incorporates the Tinder matches system, but once two people have connected with each other, they only have a limited time to send messages. And once that time limit expires, you're out of options. You have to progress the conversation to text messages within 48 hours or it's game over.

It's a great idea that really prompts people into chatting straight away. With a lot of other hookup sites, once you match with someone, they can sometimes stay in your inbox for days and weeks, until it eventually reaches the point where striking up conversation with them is just awkward. The spark disappears and you're back to square one. A wasted opportunity. Bumble skirts this common issue by lighting a fire under your ass and making your act immediately.

Some of the problems? Bumble is another one of the hookup sites made by the same folks behind Tinder. Bumble gets a lot of advertisement over on Tinder, so there's a huge over lap in members. So, chances are you'll be firing messages to the same women on Bumble as you are on Tinder.

However, due to Bumble's gimmick, you're more likely to get a message back on here, meaning sex is more likely too.


Looking for something outside of vanilla sex? Then Feeld is the hookup dating site you need in your life.

Feeld caters to those kinky folk who like the niche stuff. Couples looking for threesome partners, cuckolds looking for bulls, BDSM lovers. Everything you can imagine is on here, including a lot of stuff no one could imagine too.

Profiles have a section dedicated to your list of kinks, meaning you'll be able to find that like-minded someone without endless conversation. You might need to pull out that dusty Kink Dictionary on your bookshelf though, because you'll regularly come across acronyms that you've never heard of before.

There's a heavy atmosphere of liberation and no judgment over on Feeld, which is a definite plus. Although judgment is the only thing on Feeld that's free, since you'll need to pay a monthly fee in order to use this dating site to its fullest capabilities.

Additionally, while a lot of Feeld members are indeed looking for casual encounters, most of them want to incorporate their preferred fetish into their hookups. This might be a little intimidating for first time users, so be wary. Also, since some of these fetishes can be quite intense, the chances of jumping into bed after the first date is slim.

If you're willing to wait a few weeks for your hookups, Feeld is a good platform to meet someone and get to know them. Once you've made that emotional connection, you'll find that the sex comes easily. The average user age on Feeld is around 30, so if you want somewhere a little more mature than your average app, you'll fit right in here.

Sex Hookup App

The name says it all. For a hookup site that actually delivers, Sex Hookup App makes finding casual sex easier than you could ever imagine.

What makes Sex Hookup App different from the others? Well, quite a few things. First of all, when you head over to the site, SHA asks you a few questions which helps separate the fantasists from the realists. Are you looking for casual sex, one night stands, or a friends-with-benefits arrangement? If you answer yes, then you're given the keys to the door.

A lot of dating sites aren't concerned why you're on their site, just as long as you're on there. For dating apps, big numbers equal more advertising opportunities. However, SHA only wants you on their platform if you're going to be actively sarching for casual encounters. No time wasters. Any inactive people are quickly hidden from search results until they're back on the hunt, which helps keep engagement levels between users high.

The ratio of men to women on SHA is kept at an even fifty-fifty to ensure that all people have an equal chance of finding someone who ticks their boxes.

Perhaps most attractively is that it's so easy to find people in your city that you'll wish you'd been using SHA for years. After filling out your bio, you'll be shown profiles of all the women in your city. The site also matches you to people based on your interests and locality, but it's not a swipe-based system. You are free to message any women you see fit.

As you can probably imagine, the women using this app aren't looking for anything long term. Pretty much all of them are dripping wet and gagging for something to fill themselves with. Nothing more. It's not just women you'll come across here either. There are plenty of couples looking for some strangers to join their bedroom fun.

Does SHA work for easy hookup sex? Yes, it absolutely does. For no-strings attached fun, there are few hookup apps that can deliver as well as SHA.

If it's long term relationships or casual dating you want, it might be a good idea to go elsewhere. But for regular casual sex and fun without responsibility, SHA is one of the best apps on the market. No gimmicks, just the best hookup site around.

Adult Friend Finder

One of the internet's first dating apps, you'll be glad to know that Adult Friend Finder (AFF) is still going strong.

While AFF has taken a backseat to Tinder and POF in terms of popularity, it's still got a strong community and makes a great platform to find casual sex. It uses the classic dating site approach, which means no matches and no swiping. You're free to browse women at your leisure and strike up conversation with anyone who gets your attention.

In order to retain its massive user base, AFF has evolved into something of an adult community. It's like a Pornhub but instead of constantly jerking off, people are looking to make friends and discuss sex-related topics. In addition to meeting someone you can view live streams, post in forums, talk in chat rooms keep a personal blog.

Interactivity on AFF is much higher than most other sex sites too. The desktop version of the site offers voice chat and group chat, while the app version offers even more options. Video chat, streaming options and much more long the way.

The average user age on AFF is higher than your standard dating app. The users tend to be around 35 plus, so keep that in mind if you're on the younger side. AFF has always had a mature user base right since its inception, and it's somehow managed to maintain it for close to twenty years.

Chances of finding sex on AFF? Pretty high if you're a guy, and almost 100% if you're a girl. Providing you get involved, you'll have a ton of fun on AFF.

No Strings Attached

If you're a person with strong morals, you might want to skip this one. No Strings Attached caters to casual sex of a different kind.

Dating sites often attract people looking for affairs, but with NSA, that's the goal. No Strings Attached is a platform for guys and girls looking to cheat on their partners.

Outside of its morally questionable gimmick, NSA is a fantastic, highly interactive app that makes finding that discreet someone a breeze. It incorporates the traditional hookup site style, allowing users to browse through locals to find their next sex partner. It doesn't rely on a matchmaking system of any kind.

As you can probably guess, most of the friends you'll meet through NSA will be in a relationship. But it's interesting to note that there are quite a few singles on here too. Chances are these are the kind of men and women who have a thing for married folk.

The site doesn't really appeal to those with an alternative sexual orientation; it's mostly straight people you'll find. The number of men outnumber the women by around 10%, but given that there are several million users, it's not a noticable difference. The average user age is around mid-thirties too.

Quite obviously, many people take issue with NSA's existence. The fact it encourages infidelity makes it one of the more controversal apps in the hookups scene. But that hasn't stopped it ramping up a huge userbase of several millions people across the US and Europe.

You probably won't find the love of your life on here, and even if you do, they'll be married anyway. However, NSA is still a lot of fun if you're looking for a naughty fling. Just be sure to leave your morals at the door.


There's a fine line between social media and hookups apps. Nowhere walks that line quite like Kik.

We're cheating with this one, since this isn't an adult app at all. On paper, it's a message app, but in reality it's anything but.

Kik has become the go-to service to find everything from easy sex to cyber sex to nude-exchanging. The fact that the app is brimming with young, highly-sexed millennials is just one of the reasons why finding sex through Kik is easier than a fat girl on prom night.

The group chat feature on Kik is a goldmine of hot women. There are thousands of chatrooms dedicated to sex-related topics, including specific niches and interests like BDSM and swinging. Simply find something that gets your engine revving and get down to business.

Unlike some of the apps above, the average user age on Kik is quite young. Out of every app on this list, Kik is by far the one with the youngest demographic. Just be wary when you're chatting that the person is of legal age!

The only downside is that Kik doesn't let you find people by location, so all those horny friends you meet in the group chats could be on the other side of the world. But still, given how active the platform is, you're guaranteed to meet someone within fucking distance.


Down's unique gimmick is that it helps hook you up with people in your social circle. What could be more fun and less awkward than sleeping with someone you already know? It brings a new meaning to the term friends with benefits.

Once you link the app to your Facebook, it will show every guy and girl on your friends list. You can then swipe through and tick which ones you'd bang. If the other person is also on Down, then they get a notification that someone on their Facebook has liked them. If you get a mutual like, then you're both notified.

Once you've exhausted your friends list, you're then able to swipe through your friends of friends. It's the perfect and most convenient way to let your sister's hot friends know that you'd be down for nailing them.

Down's gimmick is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, there's a chance you'll get to have sex with that slutty chick you went to school with fifteen years ago. On the other hand, you run the risk of potentially embarrassing yourself if they swiped left on you years ago and forgot about it.

You'll also have to swipe through everyone on your friends list, including your grandma and that fake profile of your aunt's dog. There's no way that doesn't feel a little weird.


Remember Craigslist personals? Well, Casualx picks up where they left off, helping you find that perfect one night stand with minimal effort.

Although Casualx is indeed a datingapp, it's more like a personals page than anything else. Instead of scrolling and matching, you simply put up a short text bio of what you're looking for. Dating, one night stand, long-term love, whatever.

Once that's done, people will be able to see your ad and respond if it fits in with their desires too. Casualx basically took the idea of Craigslist personals / Backpage and transposed it into app form. It's not a revolutionary concept by any means, but it takes the hassle out of continually hitting up different women and swiping like there's no tomorrow.

On the opposite side, you can also scroll through other people's personals if that takes your fancy. The only downside is that not many people post pictures of themselves in their personals, so you don't know if you're gonna be talking to an ogre or not. You usually have to take the conversation over to text message before you get to see their face.

All things considered, Casualx is a highly useful sex app that delivers good on its promise to get you laid.